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Welcome to the Men's Rights Library wiki

This Wiki is dedicated to serve as a Library of controversial cases and public figures. As the Library grows, It will be a living picture of the "normalization" of corruption in the family courts and the Feminist movement. You can help out by expanding and editing the library.


It is not an uncommon sight to see lone men made wise from previous relationships that did not work out and wonder what the hell happened.

It's not that they are bad with women or come off too desperate or any of that, nor is it just some "bad luck". This wiki is not about making yourself more appealing to women, but to help these men to build a ground to stand on and better understand the social culture around them.

The Men's Rights movement is bringing light to the social and legal issues facing Men and Boys today, as well as helping men help themselves become more autonomous.

The Men's Rights Movement has been fighting corruption on several fronts. Sites like A Voice for Men have been shining a light on cases involving Domestic Violence, VAWA immigration fraud, and corrupt judges willingly putting children in custody of mentally deranged moms.

It is a sad fact that society turns away from these men and children and give corrupt systems, judges, and public officials a pass when men are the majority of the victims, and  dismisses the problem all-together as a "lesser evil", non-pervasive, etc.; without seeing the full problem.


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